Quarterly Estimated Tax
for Fellowship Recipients
(Tax Year 2021)
Taught by Dr. Emily Roberts
Is income tax NOT being withheld from your PhD fellowship paychecks?

Not a problem!

This workshop shows you exactly how to calculate and make your federal income tax payments, whether once per quarter or once per year.
Why Should You Purchase This Workshop?
Simply put: The workshop takes all the stress and struggle out of estimating your tax liability on your fellowship income and determining whether you are required to pay your income tax quarterly.

This workshop is explicitly designed for PhD trainees with non-W-2 fellowship or training grant income. That means I won't waste your time covering topics irrelevant to you.
Right off the bat, I clarify exactly which types of PhD trainee income are potentially taxable.

The workshop walks you step-by-step through filling out the Estimated Tax Worksheet in Form 1040-ES, which is how you calculate your income tax due for the year and determine whether you are required to make quarterly payments.

Alternatively, if you want to cut to the chase, I explain a shortcut method that will take you only minutes!

The workshop includes how to handle several special scenarios that are common for PhD fellows, such as:

  • Receiving fellowship and W-2 income simultaneously
  • Switching onto or off of fellowship income during the calendar year
  • Being married (to someone with W-2 income)
  • Being under age 24 on 12/31
  • Having had no tax liability in the prior tax year

Finally, the workshop lays out all your options for actually paying your quarterly estimated tax (if you are required to). There are special payment options available for Quarter 1 and Quarter 4, which are covered as well.

What to Expect from the Workshop
Once you join the workshop, you will have access to the 25 (short!) videos and the spreadsheet to help you with the Estimated Tax Worksheet calculations. You can work through the videos at your own pace.

You will also receive by email an invitation to the next live Q&A call for the workshop, which is in
Who Is This Workshop for?
This workshop is for graduate students, postdocs, and postbacs with PhD-type fellowship or training grant income not reported on a Form W-2.

This workshop is for US citizens and residents for tax purposes.
What Past Workshop Participants Say
"Thanks a lot for your workshop! You provided very digestible instructions for what is an incredibly confusing process. I appreciate it!"

- Cate (2020)
"[I found] the line by line videos [the most valuable]. As a developmentally disabled grad student, this level of detail and 'hand-holding' is rare but necessary for me to successfully complete my tax forms."

- Anonymous (2021)
Who Teaches the Workshop?
I'm Emily Roberts, the founder of Personal Finance for PhDs and creator of this workshop.

I started out on the PhD track just like you are. I completed my PhD in biomedical engineering at Duke University in 2014 after living for seven years on a stipend.

During that time, my passion for personal finance grew and grew, as did my desire to serve my own community.

I founded my business, Personal Finance for PhDs, after I defended. Over the years, I've found many avenues to assist PhDs with their personal finances, including speaking engagements at universities, individual and group financial coaching, webinars and workshops, ebooks, and my podcast.

Estimated tax is one of my most favorite topics to teach, because learning about it early on can save you from facing a large, unexpected tax bill plus fines months or years down the road.
What Is the Cost?

The price of the workshop is $28.

You will have access to the workshop's videos and worksheets for the rest of the tax year, plus you'll receive an invitation to the next live Q&A call.

The next estimated tax deadline is in
Frequently Asked Questions About This Workshop
How much time does the workshop take?

The workshop includes 25 short, narrowly defined videos, so you can easily choose to watch only the ones relevant to your particular situation. If you have a simple situation, you can complete the workshop in about an hour, or even minutes if you use the shortcut method.

Do I need to know anything about taxes?

The workshop assumes you have no familiarity with the tax system and explains everything you need to know from the ground up.

Do I need to fill out any tax forms? They are intimidating!

You only need to fill out a handful of lines on the Estimated Tax Worksheet, and the workshop includes a spreadsheet to assist you with the calculations if you find the instructions confusing.

What if I have questions that the workshop videos don't answer?

The workshop walks you step by step through everything you need to know, and if you are ever unclear about something, you can come to a live Q&A call to clear it up!

What if I have a question but can't make it to the live Q&A call?

You will have an opportunity to submit your question in writing. I will respond to your question during the live call, and you can listen to the recording of the call, which I will post with the workshop files afterwards.

What is your refund policy?
I offer a satisfaction guarantee with this workshop, so if for whatever reason you realize it's not a good fit for you, simply email me and I will refund the purchase price.
Can I purchase this for my department/program/group?
Absolutely! I offer a 40% discount on bulk purchases. Please email me ([email protected]) to set up the purchase.
Since You've Read This Far...
Check out a sample of the course content!

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