Decipher Your PhD Stipend
Offer Letter
Taught by Dr. Emily Roberts
Does This Sound Familiar?
You received an offer of admission to a PhD program!!

And you're ECSTATIC!!

They are even going to PAY YOU to be a student in their program!

After a few days, you finally calm down enough to reread that offer letter more thoroughly.

You slowly realize that you don't quite understand what the letter is saying.

Maybe it's throwing out some really big numbers without clearly differentiating your stipend from everything else.

Maybe it's weaving and layering sources of funding so that it's hard to keep track of amounts and timing.

Maybe it doesn't say anything about what happens after your first year in the program.
Most of all, you can't quite put your finding on how much money you'll actually take home.

If that describes you, you need help deciphering this funding offer letter. That's where this training comes in.
I'm ready to decipher my offer letter!
This Training Will Give You...
A complete understanding of what your offer letter is communicating
Confidence to ask the right follow-up questions of the right people
The ability to compare multiple offers head to head
Clues as to unpleasant info the offer letter might conceal
I want to understand my offer!
What Does This Training Include?
A 20-minute training video with five questions you must ask your offer letter and five ways the latter might obfuscate the truth.
A custom spreadsheet that breaks each offer into its component parts so you can see the 5+ year funding path and compare offers head to head.
A Forum in which you can ask questions and participate in discussions 24/7.

There is a section dedicated to prospective grad students exclusively!

You can even post your letter and ask for help interpreting it.
I want to start the training!
Who Is The Training For?
  • A prospective graduate student planning to matriculate in 2021...
  • With a funded offer of admission in hand...
  • To a graduate program in the United States
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the training only for PhD students?
Nope! While most of the Community members are PhD students or PhDs, master's students who have been offered funding packages including stipends are welcome.
Can an international student join?
Absolutely! It's even more important for international students to fully understand their offer letters in comparison with domestic students. This is because international have fewer options in the face of a financial bind or emergency. The only requirement is that the program is in the US.
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