Why and How to Passively Invest
as an Early-Career PhD
Taught by
Dr. Emily Roberts
They don't teach investing in graduate school...

But you still need to master it!

This workshop demystifies investing
for graduate students and PhDs.
What You Will Gain from This Workshop
Math- and values-based motivation to start investing NOW (or increase your savings rate)
A 7-step process to open and fund any investment account, including an Individual Retirement Arrangement
A clear framework for how to choose which tax-advantaged retirement account to prioritize and whether to use a Roth or traditional version
A short list of questions to ask of any brokerage firm you are considering investing through (online discount firm, roboadvisor, microinvesting platform)
CONFIDENCE that your investments will propel you toward your financial goals!
What to Expect from the Workshop
This workshop is a recording of a live event presented on 7/18/2021 plus supplementary worksheets. You will receive immediate access to these materials upon purchasing the workshop.
What Is the Cost?

The price of the workshop is $50 $28.

Who Is This Workshop for?
  • Graduate students, postdocs, and PhDs with "Real Jobs"
  • Living in the US [US citizens, residents, and non-residents are all welcome!]
  • Interested in investing—novice OR experienced
Who Teaches the Workshop?
I'm Emily Roberts, the founder of Personal Finance for PhDs and creator of this workshop.

I started out on the PhD track just like you are. I completed my PhD in biomedical engineering at Duke University in 2014 after living for seven years on a stipend.

During that time, my passion for personal finance grew and grew, as did my desire to serve my own community.

I founded my business, Personal Finance for PhDs, after I defended. Over the years, I've found many avenues to assist PhDs with their personal finances, including speaking engagements at universities, individual and group financial coaching, webinars and workshops, ebooks, and my podcast.

Investing is my favorite personal finance subject to teach! It's been instrumental to my own wealth-building journey, which started during my PhD training. I find that there is immense enthusiasm for investing among PhDs, and I don't expect this workshop to be any different.
Please note that I am not a Certified Financial Planner and am not licensed by FINRA. I am not giving investing or financial advice and am not selling any investment products. This workshop is an educational exercise only.
What Participants Have Said About
Emily's Other Live Seminars and Workshops
– a graduate student at the University of California at Davis
"This is an amazing experience for students. We NEED this!"
– a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University
"Emily [is] an amazing speaker! Clear and concise. The outline/flow of the talk was very well structured and simplified finances well."
– a graduate student at the University of California at Los Angeles
"[Emily] was very knowledgeable and practical which made a difficult topic so much more approachable."
– a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
"[I] would have loved to go to this seminar earlier on in my graduate career!"
– a graduate student at Emory University
"Extremely helpful and demystified many aspects of personal finance for me. [The seminar] also improved my confidence to manage my finances through grad school and beyond."
– a graduate student at Pennsylvania State University
"I found [the talk] very informative and it has inspired me to think about my own financial circumstances differently."
– a graduate student at the University of California at Santa Barbara
"The speaker was very knowledgable about the subject and lots of info was covered."
– a graduate student at the University of California at Davis
"I like how [Emily] makes her points very convincing by sharing her own experiences in personal finance. I also like her approach of giving us some big picture view."
– a postdoc at Columbia University
"The talk was nicely tailored specifically for the needs and mindset of graduate students, and did a good job addressing different financial concerns that graduate students may have."
– a graduate student at the University of Rochester
"Very informative. [Emily] covered a broad range of topics, made them applicable and understandable, and was a very engaging speaker."
– a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham