Add the Tax Return Workshop
at Half-Price!
Quarterly Estimated Tax for Fellowship Recipients will help you with calculating and preparing to pay your tax bill throughout the year... but what do you do about your tax return?
Fellowship recipients have an extra challenge during tax season because tax software and tax preparers don't cater to their unique type of income. Depending on what type of tax form your fellowship income is reported on—or if it goes unreported—you could easily waste a lot of time in the preparation process or even accidentally overpay your true income tax liability.
That's when you need the sister workshop to this one, How to Complete Your Grad Student Tax Return (and Understand It, Too!)—which you can purchase at half-price right now.
How to Complete Your Grad Student Tax Return (and Understand It, Too!) will:
  • Detail how to calculate your taxable fellowship income
  • Help you brainstorm and identify your qualified education expenses (they reduce your tax liability!)
  • Show you on which tax form and line to list your taxable fellowship income and estimated tax paid
  • Explain niche scenarios, such as being under age 24
Click here to read about all the benefits of the How to Complete Your Grad Student Tax Return (and Understand It, Too!)—but don't navigate away from this page or you will lose this offer.
The tax return workshop has a parallel structure to this workshop: video modules with transcripts, worksheets, and live Q&A calls throughout tax season.
(Note: If you're a postdoc or postbac rather than a grad student, go ahead and purchase the grad student version and then email [email protected] to be switched to the version appropriate for you.)

I hope that you will decide to join the sister workshop so I can help you generate an accurate tax return that minimizes the tax liability on your fellowship!