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  • Monthly Live Discussion / Q&A Calls
  • Community Conversations Forum with Progress Journaling
  • Monthly Book Club
  • How to Complete Your Grad Student Tax Return (and Understand It, Too!)
  • Decipher Your PhD Stipend Offer Letter
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax for Fellowship Recipients
  • Investing for Early-Career PhDs
  • The Wealthy PhD (ebook)
  • The Wealthy PhD Workshop Series (Financial Goals, Investing, Debt Repayment, Cash Flow)
  • How to Pursue FIRE in Graduate School
  • Targeted Savings: The Solution for Irregular Expenses
  • Best Financial Practices for Your Self-Employment Side Hustle
  • Effective Budgeting for Graduate Students
  • How to Draft a Budget at a Distance
  • The Coronavirus Crisis and Your PhD Finances
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